We conceive our activities always aimed at supporting social, environmental and therapeutic projects.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsability

We organize sports and cultural initiatives linked to the conveying of social campaigns. These activities are aimed at raising awareness among people on issues related to environmental sustainability, blue economy, educational and responsible nautical ecotourism.

Among our projects…


ILMAREINTASCA is a project born from the passion for the sea and aims to combine energies in the world of marine activities, and in particular in the fields of sailing, navigation, apnea and mental training, education in schools, of underwater activities, sea tourism and marine aquariology. The aim is to become a place that generates and broadcasts an innovative knowledge of the sea inspired by values ​​of respect, passion, exploration in the enhancement of the marine environment. Talking about the sea through training, entertainment and solidarity. We are waiting for you on board!

Sea scan!

“Sea Scan” is a simple APP, graphically intuitive and innovative in its purpose, suitable for all sailors, from yachtsmen to sailors, from windsurfers to tourists on paddle boats…We all have to be protagonists in developing constantly updated environmental maps of our seas, by raising everyone’s awareness for the respect of marine environment ecosystem.

Developed in collaboration with Legavela Servizi, Divisione Vela di Marevivo, Lega Italiana Vela

Download here for iOS devices

Download here for Android devices

Among our projects…


Sailing, watching, photo-identifying, contributing to scientific research: these are our tasks of engagement in the sighting campaign of cetaceans, turtles, jellyfish and waste. This campaign collects and shares precise information on the well-being of the marine environment.


We encourage participation in the sailing experience for those who have faced physical, mental or social disadvantages. We believe that sea and life on board encourage a beneficial contact with nature and they also are an effective educational, therapeutical and rehabilitative tool for integration and sharing of spaces and experiences. The voyage at sea is the inner journey of each of us that does not end in the act of touching the ground, thus turning the sailing experience into a starting point that gives new energy and resources to realize projects, to follow dreams and manage critical issues: to face everyday life.


We strongly share the principles of the “European Solidarity Sailing Manifesto” approved by the European Parliament in November 2010. The movement is an essential part of the broader international peace movement and attention to the needs of the weakest and last.

Those of us involved in this European movement of solidarity sailing support and advocate also the integration between people with different abilities and the socially disadvantaged. Within our programs we encourage experiencing self and mutual help.

We use the carefreeness of sailing and the solidarity aboard as a way to avoid any form of stigma and exclusion and to avoid privileges of the few against the disadvantages of many.

We experience that on a boat, different abilities become a wealth and never an impediment. Everyone with their own abilities can offer a valid contribution to life on board and in navigation. Back on shore, this experience will give new meanings and insights to every day life.

We are also convinced that life aboard and sailing itself can significantly contribute in lightening the sense of isolation and help to avoid the “victim” syndrome. A priority objective for the European solidarity sailing movement is to contribute to improving the quality of life for all. Especially for those to whom, due to physical or mental damage or social disadvantage, access to the benefits and affectivity of social life is prevented.

The European movement of solidarity sailing wants to promote and implement all the sporting, cultural and social initiatives in order to convince the governative institutions, in particular those involved in Education, Justice and Health, to allow wider spaces and opportunities in using sailing as an educational, rehabilative and therapeutic instrument.

The European movement of solidarity sailing promotes experiences and treatment programs, not entertainment of those who are disabled. We are opposed to episodic experiences, lacking in proved effectiveness and even more to the beneficence.

The European movement of solidarity sailing intends to create a network for exchanging experiences with the other European Associations who use sailing for physical, mental, sensorial or social disabilities.

Our agency organizes all kinds of nautical events in Italy and on the Mediterranean. Corporate sailing events (on board of deep-sea boats, maxi sailing yachts, monotype and on board motor yachts, catamarans, shuttles, tugboats) such as team building, team working, business matching, incentive, coaching, training, meeting , conventions, relational events on sailing boats, yacht events and off-site events; sporting events such as national and international regattas, crew management; consumer marketing events such as sponsorships, parties, product launches, networking, entertainment, gala events, solidarity events such as CSR, sailing-therapy. Sailing events are a great way to encourage incentives, entertain and communicate. Your onboard business event is a unique experience designed for top managers, human resources, employees, opinion leaders, marketing managers, dealers, distributors, speakers, agents and area managers. Our thirty years experience in boating and communication offers you a new communication platform, guarantees you the best boats, the most exclusive yacht clubs and the most attractive locations for nautical events.


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