Nothing on board is random or not important. The equipment, the nomenclature and the manoeuvres all have a precise and specific meaning.

On board hiding aspects of out character come to light and we explore unknown limits.

Being part of a crew favors teamwork, responsibility, effective communication and goal-oriented mindset.


Since 1997 Fedro’s aim is to support people and teams in their growth within the companies, by using innovative approaches and tools.

Tailor made programmes strengthen management and leadership skills and foster the outcome of the potential and of the organizational welfare.

Sail Incentives Group is a network of leading sailing professionals based in: Italy – Cristiana Monina Nautical Events; France – Team Winds; Spain – BCNautic Events and Quick Sail. 

Sailing Incentives Group only one in order to garantee high quality standards both in the organization of your sailing activity and corporate regatta.


Giro34 a fleet of 10 offshore one design sailing boats, 10 meters long for 8 pax, based in Marina di Capitana – Cagliari, Sardinia. In partnership with Scuola Italia in Vela of Franco Ricci we manage the fleet for corporate sailing activities.

“It is a very simple boat to sail ideal for everyone first-timers and pros as it garantees good performances and the thrill of speed” Cino Ricci.

One Off Academy ASDa sailing school both for first-timers and pros, for those who wish to learn how to go sailing and for those who want to become experts. For adults and teenagers starting from 14 years old.

It is based in Rome more precisely in  Marina Porto Odescalchi – Santa Marinella, and it offers basic, intermediate and advanced courses held by FIV instructors on board of 20 one design boats Este24: 7.5 meters long with a crew of 5 people. www.oneoffacademy.it



Fleet race meets in competition three or more vessels that share the set of rules, conditions and constraints that compete with other boats similar or identical, divided into classes. For each vessel is assigned a rating (penalty) applied to the time taken to complete the race, in order to draw up a ranking and get the winner. The offshore race is a mix of marine, technical race, run, team management and the medium.



The Match Race is pure competition, a challenge between two boats absolutely identical, exchanged by competitors during the “round-robin” where each team has to come up against all the others and the winners will compete again in the semi-finals and finals. The succession of changes of the boat and turns on / off promotes proper energy management, fostering the ability to take action only when it comes into action. The synchrony between the team and boat is what makes the difference.



Team Race is a particularly intense and challenging sailing format. To be competitive in this specialty it is essential to have a good tactic in addition to the knowledge of the regatta rules. Strategy is the key to success in order to help the boats of the same team and hinder the boats of the opposite team. The races take place on a short course, 20-30 minutes, a dynamic and spectacular team game; a series of departures and arrivals, umpired directly on water. The team that manages to prevent that one of the boats of its team is last, wins.


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