by Olimpia Ponno Training Manager at Cristiana Monina Nautical Events

Who knows why since our childhood we have been perceiving mistakes as a real defeat at school, university, doing sport, when we play, at work, with the high risk to deeply impact on our self-esteem and the way we face the situations. But yet most of the greatest successes in life come from temporary failures, as athletes, writers, artists, journalists, stars, entrepreneurs, students, common people witness, including managers and employees who get on sailboat suffering from and consequently from stress, demotivation, performance anxiety, competition, strong individualism.

In the distractive and complex world of doing and doing at all costs, chasing time and perfection in the name of productivity, revenue, shareholders and job keeping, through training programs on sailinboat the mistake culture becomes a method through which we train people individually and in team to feel, admit, accept, analyse, manage, communicate, overcome, ride the mistake as an opportunity, no more as an emotional devaluation, but as an enabling emotion which empowers individual and team personality, identity.

  • On a sailboat, during a competition, a match race, a regatta, a mistake appears evident, tangible, clear, no escape!
  • On a sailboat, especially during a competition, the crew must be very fast, to find the recovery time and cohesion, the right rhythm to go on sailing, without stopping to blame and criticize each other, focusing on the strengths, the objective, to prevent stalling.
  • On a sailboat a mistake, a distraction usually comes from a communication and listening gap, either when each one is concentrated only on his/her individual task or when each one wastes time to control what the other member does, losing sight of the rolethe responsibility for the common objective.
  • Through debriefings any mistake made on a sailboat is recognized, shared, analyzed, decoded as an opportunitylearning how to get rid of guilt and fear of failure, but above all breaking down individual silos.
  • A mistake, usually hidden, feared, undervalued, punished, justified, tolerated at work, becomes on a sailboat a tool of growth and change, that impacts on the company culture, the employees emotional and cognitive abilitieshealth and safety of the workplace.

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