by Olimpia Ponno Training Manager at Cristiana Monina Nautical Events

During the 10° edition of Forum HR – held on 15th November in Milan at IULM University in order to understand how we can change the way we work in the present and future – we organised an Open Talk on the combination of “Human + Heart”.

With the Digital Transformation, in order to train people to face the constant rapid daily change, we chose to talk about the economy and value of heart, because it is the first of the three brains to form during development of the body; it is the centre of the so called intuitions, which are often at the basis of our rational thinking. Further, the heart generates a powerful and measurable electromagnetic field affecting all those around us, up to an extension of more than 4 meters, with our energetic information, positive or negative, coherent or incoherent; this explains the success or unsuccess of many economicrelationalorganisationalmanagerial results inside and outside the workplace.

The velocity of change is the real big challenge of our Millennium which people – entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, employees – have to manage. Aware of that two special testimonials Tatiana CovielloHR Director and Board Member of the Bank Volksbank – Banca Popolare dell’Alto Adige, and Simonetta RepettoHead of CIS Learning Programs Italy DHL Group (Gruppo Deutsche Post World Net), who – through the training program on sailboat “Orientation to the team and leadership 4.0” experienced in different formats, ways and time – engaged their mutual teams to rethink the work and take important decisions with the power and strenght of heart, in order to train critical soft skills, such as creativecriticalcomplex thinkingcapacity of listeningtrust in the others, sense of responsibilitypatience to wait for the right moment, collaborative spirit and mutual helpflexibilityability to operate in different cultural human contexts.

“In order to face and know the artificial intelligence rappresented by the humanoid Pepper – explains Tatiana Coviello – we decided to offer our managers a training pathway of two days on five monotype J80 sailboats at the Garda Lake to sail the uncertainty embodied by the continuous change of weather, waves and wind at 25 knots, to feel and manage their emotions, including the fear of the water and technology. The activity on sailboat motivates and helps people to overcome them and to build a feedback culture through the question <did you understand?>”. “To fasten the dynamics of change from group to team through the combination of head, heart, belly – tell us Simonetta Repetto – we chose to share with the marketing division the one day and a half intense training experience in Liguria at Portovenere, on board of a OCEANIS 46 sailboatduring which people lived the relevance of the immediacy of the feedback in a precise moment of the work process, respecting the velocity, without bypassing phases and roles, in order to better impact on the results”.

During the debriefing in a meeting room as well as on a sailboat we clearly perceive how people need to feel free to recognise and not hide the error, to express their emotions, their emotional status, to find and share their own identityvalues, interests, personal and professional passions to bring concrete strategic and business results, validating what the Italian luxury creative director Brunello Cucinelli points out, when he says that the real profitability is done by the union of numbers and animy (for us the heart)!

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