World Championship Offshore Sailing: a sea of rights and solidarity!

The world championship of sailing as a springboard for the training route of ActionAid ” I eat Everything! No food in the garbage “in collaboration with  Flotta IYFR Adriatico Centrale IYFR and the three Rotary clubs Ancona – Conero, Ancona 25/35 and Ancona are dedicated to district schools of Ancona. Another charitable initiative promoted by the Italian fleets of the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians, whom have colected abandoned or second-hand coats, all in good condition for the project “A jacket for life”.

Coast to Coast: sailing for blood donation

Coast to coast is a FIDAS’s project- Italian Federation of Blood Donors Associations. Water also makes good blood – suggests the association. An experience at sea along the Italian coast, direction Reggio Calabria. The two boats have left from Trieste and Imperia, reaching 41 ports and 14 regions, are committed at sea with the aim of spreading the culture of voluntary, anonymous and free – in order to raise awareness on the issue of blood donation. Once again through sailing we have shared a social communication’s project of national importance.

Sail Therapy “Vita d’aMare”

Sailing seen as a therapy in collaboration with the Tumor Institute in Milan and with AMI – Assistenza Mare Italia with an aim of giving patients who obtained good results in medical tests, an experience on the waves, with that social experience that can only be felt on a sailing boat and giving that personal instrument via the experience to re – acquire a way of living/existing.
The objective was to see if a short cruise could become, via a therapist on board, a real “group therapy” which could really provide a valuable support therapy.

Medicine and sailing “Dolci Marinai”

Yet again we set sail for the open sea to challenge the waves and prejudices.
“Sweet Sailors” a project with an aim to prove that diabetes, if constantly checked, does not impede any type of sport even an “extreme” one and that the sailing licence is not an impossible goal although in Italy it cannot be given to an insulin dependent diabetic.
We left Livorno, destination the cotton warehouses in Genoa after three days of navigation, one hundred nautical miles and a crew of 7 young type 1 diabetes patients, all sea lovers.


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