Sinfonia in Crescendo

Run a business is like conducting an orchestra! We carry on this metaphor even while navigating… during a regatta. An incentive of big numbers: 300 participants – 32 boats – 25 ° and 13 knots of wind.

Forum Sailing Cup 2014

The Forum Sailing Cup is not only a sailing competition end in itself, but is an avant-garde event summarizing in a single format: Instruction, Knowledge Sharing, Business Matching. The teams have competed during a match race regatta continuing ashore with an open discussion on the topic of “Which leadership between male and female?”

Andare Oltre

Two days of corporate meeting and team building activities on board of 12 boats!The event was held in the elegant Taormina – Sicily – for a real breath of fresh air!The return of the fleet during the sunset following by a stunning full-moon made good for the light wind as well as the happiness and the sportiveness of the participants.

Comar Yachts

Races exclusively for boats built by the Comar Yachts Boatyard.
5 editions of these races have been held with over 40 crews participating from all over Italy on board sailing boats ranging from 7metres to 21mt.
3 days of racing, gathering together and fun.

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Professions in Rome

An agonistic event for the professions in Rome “Professions Sailing Cup”.
The races took place on 30étés and competitors were various professional group, architects, lawyers, accountants, journalists, surgeons and dentists and veterinaries.
The event was attended by the roman painter Franco Fortunato and funds were raised for the Humanitarian Association Emergency. Two editions were completed.

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Professions in Ancona

An agonistic event for the professions in Ancona “Professions’ Sailing Cup”. The races were on board 30 étés, the participants were from various professions including architects, lawyers, accountants, engineers, surgeons and dentists and notaries.
The event was further enhanced by the attendance of Rodolfo Viola “The sea artist” and funds were raised for the Patronesse association for the maternal-children’s hospital Salesi in Ancona.

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Nokia Italia

Incentives on a sailing boat with races, fleet and match race, on board small Este24s and fast 7,30m boats, as simple and enjoyable introduction to sailing.
Followed by races, all in a friendly, entertaining competitive atmosphere.

Porsche Italia

Incentives on a sailing boat with match races on board Jeanneau Sun Odyssey42.A very stimulating and enthusiastic experience from both an outsider’s and a professional poiny on view.

HDI Assicurazioni

Match Races on board Jeanneau Sun Odyssey42.
A sailing boat is also an ideal instrument for a motivated and bonded team

Enel Green Power

Outdoor team working with offshore racing on board Jeanneau Sun Odyssey42.
The crews during the race Nettuno – Pontine Island – Nettuno had to face a series of tests steering, navigation and cooking.
The competition stimulated team work and capacity to work in a team, other aspects also evolved from this including method, roles, ideas, decision making, problem solving, resulting in obtaining the objective.

Enel Energia

Teambuilding on board a sailing boat with match races on board X37s.
During the races the participants were able to understand the importance of, and the definition of roles within a team.


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