Salò, May 22, 2016 Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano with Michele Paoletti, Mitja Gialuz, Alessandro Bonifacio and Diego “Didi” Furlan won the Salò’s qualifications series of the Lega Italiana Vela.

After 27 regattas the team of Società Velica Barcola e Grignano kept the head of the ranking list that it gained from the first day, by controlling Circolo Canottieri Aniene with Lorenzo Bressani at the helm, who closed second in the ranking list; the outsider Società Canottieri Garda Salò with Pietro Corbucci got qualified third.

Five teams conquered a place in the final in Naples at the end of October: besides the first three also Circolo Vela Gargnano (Pier Luigi Omboni at the helm), which won the last thrilling race, and Circolo Velico Ravennate, with Michele Mazzotti at the helm.


13 races the first day, 10 races the second day, and the last 4 the third day, despite the light breeze of the last day Società Velica Barcola e Grignano managed to win. The team from Trieste had to fight off Circolo Canottieri Aniene whose team (Lorenzo Bressani, Luca Tubaro, Matteo Mason and Francesco Sabatini) never gave up, and it closed its two races with a second and first place.

Lorenzo Bressani lead the Circolo Canottieri Aniene in a very competitive first day, a cautious second day and a third day in which a thorough tactic owed him the second place by defeating the Società Canottieri Garda Salò only in the last race. The match between Lorenzo Bressani and Pietro Corbucci during the 27th race proved to be very competitive: the former managed to put a boat between him and Pietro Corbucci thanks to a flawless tactic thus guaranteeing the second place to his team and leaving the third place to the home team.

We are very satisfied – declared Alessandro Bonifacio, team manager of the Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano – It was very important to perform well here in Salò especially after last year’s results in Naples and in Porto Cervo. The level of the competitors was very high, we performed very well the first day hence setting the stage for the victory, nonetheless we had to pay attention and be constantly concentrated”.

We reached the goal of the qualification – declared Lorenzo Bressani, helmsman of the Circolo Canottieri Aniene – and the second place was important for our team. During the second day I have been very cautious while during the last day we raced with great attention and precision as the second place was difficult to grasp”.

Today I am not happy at all – said Pietro Corbucci, helmsman of the Società Canottieri Garda Salò,– Yesterday it has been a perfect day and today we only had one race to go and it was mainly against Aniene. I chose the wrong side of the start and I haven’t been aggressive enough. The third place is ok and I am proud that I qualified my club for the final”.

Società Canottieri Garda Salò organized this event with great attention proving its experience and its spirit of hospitality: “ It has been an event with great sport value – declared Roberto Emanuele de Felice President of the Lega Italiana Vela and PRO Principal Race Officer on this occasion too – Salò, with its medium-light breeze and the fast one-design Protagonist 750, proved to be a perfect location for our format. A gulf closed on three sides that allows to see the regattas close at hand from land. The Club Canottieri Garda Salò nautical hospitality has been flawless together with its high organizational level both on land and on water. The competitive level of the clubs here in Salò was very high and we noticed that this new format is very much appreciated also by those clubs that did not take part to the event in Naples last year. This is an important acknowledgement in order to continue our season with great passion”.

A thrilling week end, MotoGP pace and maximum concentration for all the teams, a great show – declared Alessandro Maria Rinaldi, Executive Vicepresident of the Lega Italiana

Vela – This was the climate during the first qualification series of 2016 season. Each regatta could have been the critical one to gain the final. Very well prepared sailors didn’t even have a minute to rethink the previous regatta that they were already resetting their chronometers for the next start signal.

The most steady won but they had to battle against each other upto the last maneuver. The team from Trieste of Barcola e Grignano confirmed itself as leader together with Aniene, which, besides an OCS during the eighth race, outdistanced the hosting team of Salò just for one point.”.

The Lega Italiana Vela appointed three more awards: the “Fair Play Award” to the Circolo Velico Riminese for bringing into the regatta the real meaning of what being part of a team means; the “Glam Award” to the Circolo della Vela Bari for representing its Club at the best; the “Young Team Award” to Fraglia Vela Riva, the youngest team with an average age of 20 years.

The Legavela comes back at sea for the second national qualification series in July in Porto Cervo.